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In this post, we will give you an overall Avada theme review from expert and users aspect. And we have tried and analyzed Avada WordPress theme, before write this review. Go ahead to find out the pros and cons of Avada WP theme so as to define whether it is suitable for your website or blog.

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Avada Theme Overview

Avada theme is the best selling multi-purpose WordPress theme on ThemeForest. And this Avada theme by theme fusion has got more than 400,000 sales over 5 years. The premium Avada theme is filled with tons of different options and settings that will help you to get the look of the website that you want. Its also kind of downside of this theme is that there are so many options and settings. But let’s go ahead and take a look.

Powerful Slider

This is a web page that I made with the Avada theme. And I used some images here. Like this image, it’s a picture that I took but I also used some images that I got from free image sharing website. And I’ve got actually a whole resource of free image site so you can use on your websites. Go to free image sharing website to find a listing of websites that have free images and you can use them for your web projects.

And actually you’ll find a link to everything that I talked about in this review the Avada theme. What I really found and talked about the Avada WordPress theme was that it has tons and tons and tons of settings. And these settings will make it really easy to customize the look and design layout of your site. So it’s really unique for you and a great thing about that is you can do all of them without using any code.

Modern Shop Avada Theme Review

The Features of Slider Sections

In a little later, I’ll show you exactly how the settings work and with the back end of the websites like. But at first, let’s go ahead and check out this page that I made. You can see here we’ve got this clean header bar with our menu and it was scrolling down and turns white and changes to this and get a slider section. And the slider sections just has enough features in it to make it useful without leaving out too many features, without having too many features that complex. It does come bundled with other slider plugins which I didn’t get a chance to try.

But I found that the standard slider seems to work pretty well and do a lot of the things that you just basically need to do. The slider here actually has text and the text is not part of the image texts, actually HTML code into the slider. And the pretty cool one of the things I liked about it was in fact you can use this parallax effect in have that slider up over it.

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Options and Settings

As you can see here, we’ve got a lot of layout options with background options. And what’s cool is that these buttons you can control the look of design are many different kinds of buttons using the settings in the Avada theme. So this gives you a lot of options for buttons, actually an icon. And there’s a bunch of icons included as part of the theme. Some really great simple crisp looks so great that you can get inspiration from other websites with ease.

And in this review, I got a lot of inspiration from some of the demos. I’ll show you some of the Avada theme demos. And it’s really impressive by the fact that I could actually put together this website and put together just about anything you’ll see in the demos later on without having to know any code.

Meanwhile, I think that speaks a lot about this theme and their marketing and the fact that it says that you can make these web pages without any code and you really can’t compare it with some other themes that I’ve come across. It says that it helps you make websites might not say that you can use code and I’ll be sort of get that implication that you can and you really have to know come CSS and some HTML in order to be able to make the sites look the way they do in their demos. But with this, I found that I think just about everything in their demos you can actually do without knowing any coding just using the settings are included in the theme.

Avada WordPress Theme Review


From all these icons included in the theme in very different ways which you can use them and very smart modules they call them elements you can use them with a very clean looking nice website. And if you wanna see how I put together this website and put a free demo on YouTube that show you exactly how I made this page.

Avada Review

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Avada Theme Examples

So let’s look at some of the demos. I was really impressed with the demos. These Avada theme templates are professionally designed by professional designers. So I think there’s no doubt they’re gonna to look good.

Avada Theme Demos

Avada GYM Theme

In here you can see you’ve got that clear menu section here. And a lot of different menu options also show you some more. But you can see this one here scrolls away, yet doesn’t stay with it. So we’ve got just this really nice looking site with this Avada template.
Gym Avada WP Theme Review

It has this carrot icon here and that’s not part of the theme I don’t think. But it’s an image that you can put in design. I didn’t get a chance to play with it, but I’m 90% sure that I know exactly how they did. It’s just using their image module, having it sent to the top of this module. That’s pretty cool always wanted to be able to do that in a theme in the same will allow you to do that these sign up boxes that the theme includes cool little icons animations in them.

Avada Gym Theme Review

Avada WooCommerce Theme

Another one to the shop icon. So it is fully integrated with WooCommerce. I didn’t get a chance to test that by myself. But I believe that WooCommerce works with a lot of different themes. The one thing I did want to know is how they do this. I didn’t get a chance in my demo to figure out how, but I think that’s kind of a cool slide up things.

Avada WooCommerce Shop Theme Review

This is another section that I really like. It always wanted to be able to do anything without having to know any code. And each one of these is actually a different section and those got the text over the text is HTML text and getting this full width backgrounds.

Meanwhile, that’s really great thing to be able to deal with their use different just struck solid color backgrounds or your own sort of graphic background that you create or images like this is nice way to add some design elements to your site easily. And this theme allows you to do that you have it for with these images just touch each other just like that.

Avada Online Store Theme Review

Furthermore, this theme is fully responsive so as you can see as we drag it across here it’s gonna scale and work on smartphone size and it’s really important for your website. Because Google has mandated that all websites need to be mobile friendly. And this theme is by default mobile friendly and gives you additional controls for mobile if you want a section to appear or not appear on mobile. There are those options in the settings as I said before, the lots and lots of settings available in this theme.

Avada Shop theme review

Landing Page Avada Theme

Here is another example menu bar heading here stays with the page so great looks really no simple design elements that can be added.

Landing Page Avada Theme

Here is an example of the 4 sections that are butted up together against each other with different colors sort of you that really nice easy way of adding some good designed your website.

Landing Page Section Avada WP Theme

Mobile APP Avada Theme

Another example here we’ve got this menu up here you can see. It’s semi transparent. Another nice feature. So there are lots of different ways you can make the menu look and make it really fit your site. I think that you know the menu design is one of the main differentiation between different themes. And being able to change the settings on the menu in. So many different ways really helps you make the website looks like. It’s your won and I really like this section here. I didn’t get chance to figure out how they did it. But I think they just did a different image background and he swept up changes the image. I thought that was really cool here we go.

Mobile APP Avada Theme

Avada Cafe Theme

Here is another example of a different menu at this side menu here and you can see the colors are all changed and other great things about this theme is that you can change all the colors and we can change the global settings. And the colors on the text to be the colors really match your brand really nice feature then all of these things you’re seeing here they can all be done just by adjusting the settings within the theme.

Avada Café Theme

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How to Install Avada Theme

Need a detailed Avada theme tutorial, when you download Avada WordPress theme? Here is a video tutorial for Avada theme. Follow this Avada tutorial and you can build an amazing website easily.

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