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X theme is the best selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest, including the ultimate features. And this is the theme by ThemeCo, which is a theme company. So let’s take a look at it and to see what features of it are see what it has as value to a web developer and as far as value to an end user I should say. And let’s see why it’s so great. At first, we will list shortly the top 10 reasons you should buy X WordPress Theme.

X Theme Best WordPress Theme

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Top 10 reasons you should buy X WordPress Theme

1. This is an incredible value! The best theme on the market, nearly 30 premium plugins, 24/7 support, free updates, and a community that is second to none. You get all of that, even more, for just $59. This is the first reason you should buy X Theme.

2. X is a product you can standardize your business around – hundreds of thousands already have. 2018 marks the 6th year Themeco has been working on X the theme. And it is in this theme for the long run!

3. There are over 100,000 searchable forum posts, answers, and articles about all aspects of using X WordPress Theme.

4. Themeco, the developer of X theme, is professional friendly (around 60% X WordPress theme users are professionals and build sites for a living). And they are beginner friendly (about 40% X theme users are DIYers or small business owners)

5. Access several full-site demos that include multiple pages, images, content, and more! The theme itself has 4 unique design styles, optimized for performance (think of it like 4 themes built into one).

6. Just a few of our new 2018 features:
Template Manager – Reuse your design assets.
Global Blocks – Design site wide content that is managed in one place.
V2 Elements – Never before seen (and native) customization options.
Role Manager – Control who has access to what.
Simple/Advanced Mode – Great for teams and clients.

7. X theme is ThemeForest’s fastest selling product of all time with over $1,000,000 sold in our first 6 months! No product released since X has sold more.

8. Themeco’s team are professional and available 24/7/365 to support their customers.

9. Updates are free for both X and its extensions. Themeco release new features often, and each license allows you to validate both a staging and production URL.

10. You purchase includes nearly 30 additional premium plugins including support.

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Now, we will take a detailed and overall reviews on features of X Theme.

Ultimate Features of X WordPress Theme

STACKS – Completely Unique Designs

X Theme Review

The first thing we’re going to look at is stacks. Because in order to really understand the theme, you have to understand what stacks is. As they claim or as they describe, Stacks allows you to achieve virtually any look and layout within one and only one theme. So it allows you to have multiple completely unique designs within the same theme, with just within this theme. And there’s more in development. There are only 4 Stacks right here that they have now, but they’re working on more of them now. Meanwhile, each individual Stack comes with its own unique features and design layout.


So the first one is Integrity and they list it as a beautifully crafted all-purpose design that works equally well for creative’s and professionals alike. I sort of agree with that. There’s a lot of elements in here that works really well for creatives and for perfect and for professionals. And it is a no-brainer as far as the types of professionalism, it can bring to your business site, absolutely especially when it comes to the store to which I’ll look into that in just a second as far as bloggers go there really isn’t a traditional blogging interface or a traditional blogging format that you would normally see that you’re used to seeing I like the traditional blogging format and I don’t know if I’ll be using this for my personal blog but for businesses and my clients absolutely. So the next one is Renew.

X WordPress Theme integrity


The renew takes that flat. It embraces that flat design that is becoming very popular now. So if you like flat design and if your client likes flat design and you want to be modern about it, the renew is a good stack for you. We’ll look at that, too, in just a minute.

X WordPress Theme Renew


The third one is icon now. And icon is flat as well, but it is also minimal. It’s very super model I’m going to go with. And it takes flat and minimal to a great level. It doesn’t take it too far actually it takes it to a right about the point where I would want to stop, but being minimal. So it’s very good because it has a lot of custom colors for post formats and it really does shine for its purpose and it does some really great things with formatting which we’ll look at in just a second. So these are 3 different layouts. And the last layout is ETHOS.

X Theme Stacks


The forth one is ETHOS, which is designed for news and magazine related content. With this stack, you can setup an awesome, stunning magazine and news WordPress websites.

X WordPress Theme eThos

CORNERSTONE – The WordPress Page Builder

Cornerstone is an intuitive WordPress page builder released by Themeco, which is the creator of X theme. And this page builder is powerful and 100% front-end. Meanwhile, this page builders comes with a simple 2-column interface: the preview area and the work area. So Cornerstone will allow you to edit content and preview the instant effect on the frontend of your website.

Furthermore, There is an ultimate element library available in Cornerstone. So Cornerstone comes with tons of elements and templates. Even you can create your own personalized templates for your website. Absolutely, Cornerstone is one of the best page builders for WordPress website on the market.

Here is a video tutorial for X Theme Cornerstone.

Extensions – Extra Unique Features

Themeco packs over 20 premium WordPress plugins in X theme. Therefore, these extensions will be totally free and works perfect with X WordPress theme. And they include Google Analytics, Facebook Comments, Snippet, Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, Woo Checkout Editor and more.

Here is a step by step video tutorial for X Theme Extension Beginners.

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